How to Report

  1. Two ways to “Submit Report”
    1. On the ProActive website landing page, click “Submit Report”. Then, search the company by typing it on the text box.

    2. Click ProActive hotline link on your company website.
      Example of the Subscriber’s shareable link:
  2. Select the category of your report from the list.
  3. Read our “Privacy Statement and Terms of use”, to proceed click “Agree”.
  4. Fill out the questionnaire and attach documents in zip file, then click “Submit this Report”.
  5. Save the reference code to track the report status.

View Report

  1. Click “View Report”
  2. Enter the reference code of the submitted report, then click “Proceed”.
  3. You can now view the status of your report: Open, Under investigation or Closed. Also, the reporter and receiving company can also add their comment for additional details.