Welcome to the ProActive Hotline, an anonymous reporting system for St. Luke's Medical Center, Inc ! In this page, you can choose the type of concern for which you wish to make a report. Descriptions and/or examples have been provided for each reporting category to help you classify your concern.

Report Category and Description

Conflict of Interest
Situations which may impair the objectivity of a person because of the possible incompatibility of the person’s self-interest and professional or public interest. (Examples: inappropriate relations or questionable transactions with clients or suppliers, misuse of client/company information)
Falsification of Documents
Counterfeiting, forging, falsifying or making fraudulent changes to any document. (Examples: Forgery, alteration, tampering)
Financial Reporting Concerns
Deliberate misstatements in recording and/or reporting business transactions or result of operations. (Examples: incorrect recording of financial transactions, irregularities in application of accounting standards, misleading reports)
Misconduct or Policy Violations
Acts that violate moral or civil law, code of ethics, company policies, and/or contractual agreements. (Examples: violation of code of ethics, control overrides, acting under false/insufficient authority)
Theft, Fraud or Misappropriation
Fraudulent appropriation of funds or property entrusted to one’s care but actually owned by the employer or someone else. (Examples: stealing, misappropriation of funds, false representation)
Data Privacy Breach
A personal data breach is a breach of security resulting to accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, or alteration of personal data, including its unauthorized disclosure. A security incident is an event or situation that affects or will likely affect data protection or compromise the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of personal data. (Examples: unauthorized processing or accessing of personal data, improper disposal of personal data, malicious or unauthorized disclosure of personal data)
Patient Safety
Something that happens to or involves a patient, encompasses patient safety incidents, which may include near-misses and/or hazardous (unsafe) conditions. (Examples: No harm incident (affects a patient without discernible harm), adverse event, medication incident, near-miss, non-medication near-miss, medication near-miss and hazardous (or unsafe) condition)
Professional Negligence and Malpractice
Negligence is the failure to observe for the protection of the interests of another person that degree of care, precaution, and vigilance which the circumstances justly demand, whereby such other person suffers injury. (Examples: malpractice by medical staff, breach of duty by other professionals)
Retaliation Complaints
Harassment, demotion, dismissal from service, disciplinary and/or remedial action, punishments, threats or any method of discrimination or retaliation against a staff who made a report of breach. (Examples: Harassment, threats, demotion, termination, disciplinary action, unreasonable denial of career advancement or raise, transfer to an undesirable position, or missing out on training or mentoring opportunities as punishment for submitting a complaint.)
Sexual harassment
An act committed by an employer, employee, manager, supervisor, colleague or agent of employer who demands, requests or otherwise requires any sexual favor from the other regardless of whether such demand, request or requirement for submission is accepted by the recipient; or An unwelcome, improper or inappropriate act or behavior whether verbal, written, or physical conduct of sexual nature (or perceived to be of a sexual nature), made directly, indirectly and/or impliedly by an employer, employee, manager, supervisor, colleague or agent of employer that creates, or is perceived to create, a hostile work environment for the recipient. (Examples: comments of a sexual nature, or sexually explicit statements, questions, jokes, or anecdotes, sexual assault)
Unprofessional Behavior
Any undesirable language, or conduct contrary to professional standards or ethics or related to the performance of the employee’s duties. (Examples: Intimidation, bullying, offensive or abusive language, rude or loud comments, persistent tardiness, refusal to perform assigned tasks)